601 Furniture Moving Guidelines


The building has a dock leveller in the covered lading dock. The entrance overhead clearance is 14’-3” and the width is 10’ – 6”.  Loading dock measurements are 47” (height) and 135” (width)


Only the Freight Elevator, located in the Service Corridor (off the loading dock), may be used for furniture deliveries.

Freight Elevator dimensions are as follows:

Door Height:                 7’0”

Door Width:                    3’6”

Cab Height:                    9’4”

Cab Width:                      6’2”

Cab Depth:                      6’2”

Diagonal Clearance:     11’8”

 HOURS: Monday through Friday:          5:30 p.m. through 7:00 a.m.

Saturday through Sunday:      Anytime

Daytime deliveries (7:00 a.m. through 5:30 p.m.) must be limited to one elevator and loading dock space are not reserved for daytime deliveries. There is a 20-minute limit for parking in the loading dock.  ALL MOVE INS AND MOVE-OUTS MUST BE SCHEDULED IN ADVANCE with the Building Management Office to avoid conflicts.  Please call (650) 873-7870 to reserve a freight elevator. 


Weight capacity – 3,500 lbs.


 PROTECTION: The moving companies must provide masonite to cover carpeted and tile  floors in the corridors from the elevator lobby to the entrance door of the tenant space. 

Corner boards must be provided on all doorjambs, including elevators.

Walk-off plates must be provided to protect door thresholds on all floors.

Moving trucks may not block the loading dock entrance or public sidewalk at any time.

Please see the following page for certificate of insurance requirements.

If you or your moving company have any questions, please contact the Building Management Office at (650) 873-7870.