601 Parking Placard Procedures

Tenants at 601 Gateway who park their vehicles in the first two aisles and four rows of the 601 Gateway open parking lot including the handicapped spaces will need to register their vehicle with Boston Properties to obtain a numbered placard.  Any vehicle without a visible placard in the above mentioned area will be towed away at owner’s expense. There is no fee for the placards.

The first two aisles and four rows does not include the (15) fifteen parking spaces located directly in front of the YMCA daycare center. Those fifteen spaces are monitored and enforced by the South San Francisco Police Department.

Please be aware that the placard does not mean you are reserved or guaranteed a parking space in the 601 Gateway open parking lot.  If you cannot find a parking space you may park in the remaining spaces in the designated area or our 631 Gateway parking garage. Please inform your visitors, vendors and contractors regarding this when they are onsite.

The number of parking placards is based on your suite’s square footage.  We will leave it up to you, the tenant to decide which of your employees will receive a placard. Attached you will find the Placard Registration Form and the Placard Cancel/Transfer Form.  Please have each of your employees whom you’ve chosen to receive a placard complete the Placard Registration Form.  Each person will be issued only one numbered placard.  If a person has two vehicles please register them on one form and it will be the vehicle owner’s responsibility to make sure whichever vehicle they park in the open lot has the placard visibly placed.

Please pass this information on to all of your employees and return the Placard Registration Form to the Management Office via fax at 650/583-8160.